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Your Windows Auto Start Manager

unlocked is a powerful Windows software that puts you in charge of your computer's startup processes. It empowers you to make informed decisions about which programs should run when your system starts up. Say goodbye to sluggish boot times and take back control of your PC's performance.

Key Features

Real-time Monitoring

unlocked continuously monitors your Windows auto start entries and notifies you whenever a new startup program is added. You'll always stay informed about changes to your system.

Automatic Cleanup

Tired of unwanted programs sneaking into your startup list? unlocked can automatically remove newly added startup entries, ensuring that only the programs you approve are allowed to run on boot-up.

User-Friendly Interface

unlocked's intuitive and user-friendly interface makes managing your auto start entries a breeze. No technical expertise required.

Performance Optimization

By controlling which programs launch at startup, unlocked helps you optimize your computer's performance, resulting in faster boot times and improved overall speed.

Why Choose unlocked?


unlocked streamlines your startup processes, so you can start using your computer faster without unnecessary delays.


Keep an eye on your system's startup entries to prevent malicious programs from taking control of your computer.


unlocked is designed with the average user in mind. You don't need to be a tech expert to use it effectively.


Take back control of your PC and decide which applications deserve a spot in your startup sequence.


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How To & Customer Support

unlocked can be turned active by clicking the lock icon. If you leave the lock open, the protection is off. You have to actively click the lock in order to start.

unlocked does not permanently run on your machine by default, but it can be switched into automatic protection: Either by activating "notify me"-mode or "delete automatically"-mode. You have to click the lock to interact with these settings.

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