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Your trust is very important to us. Therefore, we wish to answer any queries regarding the processing of your personal data. Contact details for any queries you may have regarding data protection can be found under section 2.4 at the end of our Privacy Policy.

2.1 Data Protection Provisions

We take protecting your personal data very seriously and rigorously abide by the regulations of the data protection laws. Personal data will only be collected by Unlocked for necessary technical reasons under the terms of our contract with Unlocked's operator. Under no circumstances will the collected data be sold or disclosed to a third party for any reason unless you expressly consent to such disclosure by using third-party features whose provision you consent to as defined in the General Terms and Conditions.

The following statement will provide an overview of how we guarantee this protection and what kind of data is collected for what purpose.

You have the right at any time to the stored data pertaining to your person, the origins and recipients of such data as well as the purpose for which it is stored. To access this stored data, please contact the data security engineer at: support@un-locked.org. If you do so, please state your contact details associated with the Unlocked product.

Unlocked is very simple software which is restricted to the functions described in the General Terms and Conditions. During the run time, no data is transferred from your PC to Unlocked or a third party, apart from the following necessary information:

(1) Whether particular software packages are installed and, if so, those of which company;

(2) Which language settings are configured on your PC;

(3) Which Internet browser and version you use;

(4) Certain configuration files of third party software (especially those related to settings which you want to monitor)

2.2 Data Protection Provisions for Third-Party Software

The last piece(s) of software run by Unlocked, which in most cases involves a separate setup process, is provided by a third-party manufacturer. Providing information on the data protection of third-part suppliers does not lie within Unlocked' jurisdiction because the former is required to acquaint you with their own General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy in a separate procedure which you will need to accept in order to run/complete the third-party supplier's software/setup. Should the third-party supplier not do this, we shall endeavor to make the third-party supplier's regulations available within our own setup process, e.g. via a link.

2.3 Contact Data for Queries Relating to Unlocked's Privacy Policy

Should you have any queries which are not answered in this Privacy Policy, or if you would like to receive further information regarding a topic of this Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact the data security engineer (support@un-locked.org).

Updated: September 04, 2023. The user must check these General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy periodically for potential modifications.

2.4 Other General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies:

Any Terms and Conditions or policies of the additional third-party software run/launched by Unlocked are displayed, if deemed necessary by the third-party supplier, during the run time in a separate (setup) procedure or made available elsewhere at the third-party supplier's responsibility.