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1. General Terms and Conditions of Unlocked

1. General Terms and Conditions of Unlocked

We appreciate your selection of Unlocked. Through your use of Unlocked, which encompasses its associated features, services, and any additional third-party software that accompanies it (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Unlocked"), you express your agreement with the following General Terms and Conditions and the relevant Privacy Policy.

Unlocked shall not be installed silently, without displaying installation details and options. Silent installation is only supported by the application for the sole purpose of implementing essential feature upgrades, resolving bugs, and introducing other enhancements after you have initially and appropriately installed Unlocked and reviewed the installation dialogs.

By installing and utilizing Unlocked you acknowledge your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.


 Unlocked doesn’t collect or access any personal info.

Anonymous telemetry:

 For update-communication we generate a new update-session-id every time an update needs to be shipped. Updates are requested at random times after the startup. This allows us to track wether updates are shipped correctly, but ensures that it is not possible for us to track activity-habits of our users.

Regulatory compliance:

 Complies with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and ITA-2000.

1.1 Brief Description of the Unlocked's Functions

The software Unlocked is a tool that can monitor your PCs autostart entries. In the "Locked" state, any additions to the autostart entries are observed based on the permissible and possible locations of such entries; the user has the choice to configure "Unlocked" to notify her of such changes, or it can chose to heve them deleted automatically. When in the "Locked" state, the program will notify the user that it will continue running in the background when closed. In order to continue running in the background, an autostart entry will be created.

In the "Unlocked" state, when the program has nothing to monitor, the program will simply exit when closed. When the "Unlocked" state is toggled any autostart entry will be deleted, since it's bot necessary. The user is not informed every time of the creation/deletion of the autostart entry, since this is consistent with the expected behaviour of the software when it's supposed to be running in the background, of which the user is notified every time.

1.2 Function of Unlocked

Unlocked is a user-defined application that allows the user to control when other programs create autostart entries. The entries can be deleted by the user upon notification, or can be deleted automatically if the user decides so. The user can freely select, and thereby choose, the actions taken by this software. Predefined software from third-party supplier(s), or the software which correspond to the ones selected by the user is partially accessed during the Unlocked's run time or launched by the Unlocked. The Unlocked may also alert user on detected changes of inside these software and take subsequent actions if necessary.

The Unlocked also helps standardize monitoring different software configurations as it offers a familiar environment for monitoring and controlling these settings. By accepting the General Terms and Conditions, you consent to this procedure; it is a requirement for the program to continue. If you do not accept these General Terms and Conditions, you can click "Cancel Setup" or the corresponding relevant button.

No personal information is required to be able to use Unlocked and it does not include any spyware within the scope of UNLOCKED's control. However, this scope does not extend to the aforementioned varying third-party software from the freely interchangeable third-party supplier(s). Unlocked is merely a tool to monitor and control (see above) for third-party software. UNLOCKED and Unlocked are not associated with this third-party software and have no effect on its content. UNLOCKED takes no responsibility or liability for any third-party programs monitored or altered using the Unlocked, although UNLOCKED took many efforts to ensure proper function. These General Terms and Conditions are restricted to the software featured by UNLOCKED, that is, only to the Unlocked. Any terms and conditions applying to the third-party software being run/launched are displayed, if deemed necessary by the third-party supplier, during the run time in a separate (setup) procedure or made available elsewhere at the third-party supplier's responsibility. Additionally, UNLOCKED is bound by Privacy Policy (see “Privacy Policy”).

1.3 For Private Use Only

The use of Unlocked is restricted to private purposes exclusively. This signifies that Unlocked and its immediate functions may be employed for personal use, both within the confines of one's home and within a workplace setting. However, prior authorization from UNLOCKED is requisite if you intend to engage in commercial use, sell, modify, or replicate any element of Unlocked or any supplementary information, services, or software linked to or arising from the software or updates developed by UNLOCKED, rather than those provided by the third-party supplier.

You are not permitted to alter or duplicate the underlying software of Unlocked, nor may you publish or utilize it in any other format. Employing Unlocked in a manner that could potentially harm, overload, or impair the services it provides is strictly prohibited.

Any other software that is influenced by Unlocked, typically related to a setup process, is exempt from these Terms, as separate General Terms and Conditions may be applicable to the most recent software.

You are authorized to produce copies of Unlocked and distribute them within the company or organization to which you are affiliated, provided that each user receiving a copy of the software updates has been afforded the opportunity to review and accept the General Terms and Conditions. If users within your organization have not been informed of and given the opportunity to consent to these General Terms and Conditions in advance, you retain the authority to distribute the software updates as long as you are legally authorized to represent your organization by consenting to the General Terms and Conditions. However, if you lack such legal authorization as a representative, and the respective recipient has not had an opportunity to agree to these General Terms and Conditions, we kindly request that you refrain from distributing these software updates.

For inquiries regarding the sale of Unlocked, please contact our customer service via email at: support@un-locked.org.

Should you have any comments or suggestions for improving Unlocked, please reach out to our customer support. The most efficient means of contacting us is via support@un-locked.org. Please be aware that, in doing so, you grant Unlocked (and third-party suppliers) permission to use your ideas or feedback within Unlocked (or third-party software) without expectation of financial compensation.

1.4 Right to Intellectual Property

You acknowledge that Unlocked and/or third-party partners retain all present and future rights to the intellectual property (industrial property rights), title, and other property rights associated with Unlocked, its underlying software, or any of its components. "Rights to intellectual property" (industrial property rights) encompass all rights that are presently or in the future protected by patent law, copyright law, trademark law, laws against unfair competition, or any other property rights. You agree not to modify, adapt, translate, decompile, or create derivative works from Unlocked's source code or the software updates resulting from its use. Furthermore, you agree not to remove, obscure, or alter any copyright notices, trademarks, or other protected rights belonging to Unlocked or its partners that are incorporated in, included with, or associated with Unlocked or updates derived from its use.

1.5 Caveat Emptor

We kindly request your understanding that Unlocked cannot provide a guarantee for either the free Unlocked software or the underlying software. In particular, Unlocked does not provide any assurance regarding the reliable, uninterrupted, or error-free operation of Unlocked or any software updates installed during its use, its suitability for specific purposes, or non-infringement of third-party rights. Therefore, Unlocked disclaims all claims for a guarantee to the extent permitted by applicable law. Unlocked, along with other third-party suppliers associated with or providing your software and software updates, does not guarantee the safety, reliability, timeliness, or performance of the software modifications and third-party software.

You acknowledge and accept that the download and/or use of Unlocked and all third-party software are at your own risk, and you alone bear responsibility for any damage to your computer system or loss of data that may occur as a result of downloading or using software updates and partner software.

You also recognize that software, particularly software like this, which isolates, deletes, or uninstalls other software products, may impact the functionality of software updates. You further acknowledge that this may affect the underlying software of Unlocked and the integrated uninstaller.

1.6 Liability

To the maximum extent permitted by law, Unlocked shall only be held liable for willful misconduct and acts of gross negligence. Any liability, regardless of its nature, is limited to foreseeable damages. Unlocked shall not be held liable for damages that are unforeseeable, not within the standard scope of the contract, or indirect, particularly for financial losses, even if liability would otherwise apply according to the preceding provisions. Unlocked is expressly not liable for damages arising from the use of inappropriate hardware or software, disruptions in other operators' communication networks, or computer or system errors affecting the user, internet provider, or online service. Statutory liability under product liability laws remains unaffected.

1.7 Final Clause

The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany also apply. Only these General Terms and Conditions shall be definitive. Changes, supplements and waivers in the written form can only be appointed in writing. Verbal agreements shall not be made. The potential ineffectiveness of a provision shall not otherwise affect the effectiveness of the contract. The ineffective provision shall be replaced by a provision with corresponding effect that comes closest to the economic purpose of the intended regulation.

Updated: October 3rd, 2023. The user shall check these General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy periodically for potential modifications.